Tumble Dry Symbols

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Drying Symbols

The square is the symbol for drying. Other symbols can be placed inside, the majority is a circle representing tumble drying. This in turn can contain one or two dots to show the recommended temperature for drying.
If a dying symbol is not present, the symbols for washing and ironing give indications as to drying. In general the more caution that is needed with washing and ironing, the more caution is required when tumble drying.

Care should be taken with some garments and tumble drying avoided. These include cotton knitwear because of shrinkage, wool because of  felt formation, silk and polyacryl articles because of heat damage should preferably not be tumbler dried.

tumble dry allowed
Can be Tumble Dried
Tumble drying is allowed on any setting
tumbled dry on high heat

High Heat Tumble Dry
Can be tumbled dried on a high heat

tumbled dry on low heat
High Heat Tumble Dry
Can be tumbled dried on a low heat
do not tumble dry
Do Not Tumble Dry
No tumble drying allowed
drip dry
Drip Dry
Drip drying is recommended
hang dry
Hang Dry
Garment should be hung to dry
dry flat
Flat Dry
Garments should be laid flay on a screen or towel until dry

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